Match Day is Friday, March 17!

Friday, March 17, 2017 - 11:00

Match Day is the culmination of four challenging years, and, in some ways, is the most exciting day of the medical school experience. Every year at a predetermined time, medical students across the country learn simultaneously which hospital will educate them for the next three to seven years.
Up until Match Day, senior medical students complete numerous applications and interviews at the residencies of their choice. They rank the places where they would like to continue their medical training. The residency programs in turn rank the applicants and the National Resident Matching Program produced the computer-generated matches.
During the program, medical student names are randomly selected by Dr. Marc Kahn, Senior Associate Dean for Students. Each student receives an envelope containing a letter with information about their residency.
Rudolph Matas Library will stream the Match Day festivities on the hallway display monitor located outside the main doors of the library.

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