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    The Education Services Department is focused on making the Tulane University Health Sciences Community proficient in library research. It is our goal to develop a community that recognizes when there is a need for information, what types of information are needed, and how to locate, evaluate, utilize and manage the appropriate resources. Rudolph Matas Library offers Information Access Seminars and Citation Management Workshops by request. Workshops are usually hands-on and may be arranged to take place in the Library’s Instruction Lab or at any campus venue available.

    Date Time Title Location
    January 25 Noon - 12:45 pm Part 1: Literature Searching for Public Health Analysis: PubMed and MESH Tidewater 1218
    January 29 Noon - 12:45 pm Part 2: Literature Searching for Public Health Analysis: Database selection and features Tidewater 1218
    February 1 Noon - 12:45 pm Part 3: Literature Searching for Public Health Analysis: Citation management Tidewater 1218
    February 7 Noon - 12:45 pm PubMed and Medical Subject Headings (MeSH) Tidewater 1218
    February 15 Noon - 12:45 pm RefWorks Tidewater 1218
    February 20 4:00 pm - 5:30 pm Elsevier Author Workshop SOM 4150
    February 21 Noon - 12:45 pm EndNote Online Tidewater 1218
    February 22 Noon - 12:45 pm PubMed and MESH Tidewater 1218
    February 26 Noon - 12:45 pm Database selection and features Tidewater 1218
    February 28 Noon - 12:45 pm Citation management Tidewater 1218



    Types of Classes Available: Individual or Small Group: We can help you navigate the library's web page and resources or focus on one particular resource that is pertinent to your assignment or specialty. Group Orientation: We’ll gladly attend departmental orientations to present a general overview of library resources and services. This will greatly benefit new students, faculty, staff, residents, and visiting researchers. Course-Specific: Faculty can arrange for a Reference Librarian to come to their class and we'll tailor our instruction to the focus and goals of the class. Please provide us with a syllabus.

    Visit the Request a Class page to schedule a seminar or workshop specifically tailored for your class or department. Topics include literature searching, citation management, evidence-based practice, NIH Public Access Policy compliance, and mobile resources.

    Click here for a complete listing of upcoming events at Howard-Tilton Memorial Library on the uptown campus.

  • Interdisciplinary Seminars

    Rudolph Matas Library participates in the School of Medicine’s Interdisciplinary Seminars (IDS) for medical students in their clinical years. We present small-group, hands-on, and lecture-based sessions that promote discussion and interactivity amongst the participants. Seminars include evidence based practice and mobile apps for medicine.
    See registration link for details. Information on the IDS program can be found at:
    To register for any interdisciplinary seminars go to:

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