Historic & Rare

The Matas Library Historic Collections include important historic medical monographs and a number of rare atlases, a few recently bound and restored by William Kitchens. An example of one rare, restored and scanned atlas is the Essai d'anatomie, en tableaux imprimés qui representent au naturel tous les muscles : de la face, du col, de la tête, de la langue, du larinxe, d'après les parties disséquées & préparées par monsieur Duverney (Garrison-Morton (5th ed.) 398). The Essai d'anatomie is remarkable for its striking mezzotints printed in color. To access the Essai d'anatomie online, click here.

Another collection of note is The Faust Collection, a collection of historic works on parasitology and tropical medicine (1628-1910). Selected works from the library of Ernest Carroll Faust, chair of the Tulane Department of Parasitology 1928-1946, were donated in 1995. A list of the titles included in the collection is also available.

The atlases and rare books are in an closed stacks area. These titles are not generally available in the online catalog, but must be accessed by using the old card catalog. Several classifications are used for the historic materials including the Dewey Decimal Classification and an early version of the NLM Classification system developed by Mary Louise Marshall, called "Reclassed." Please consult with the Matas Librarians. Prior appointment is required for access to the Historic and Rare materials.