WWII - Tulane Unit 24

In 1917 the 24th General was activated as a World War I unit. The same banner of the 24th General Hospital was reactivated on July 15. 1942. There were 42 medical doctors, eight dentists, 110 nurses, 500 enlisted men and 10 medical administrators. Dr. Walter C. Royals, (M,1917) took command of the unit and a lieutenant colonel. Fort Benning was the 24th General's base of operation until August 8, 1943 when the unit left for Bizerti, Tunsia, where they opened a hospital. They cared for wounded from the invasion of Italy until May 31, 1944. On July 21, 1944 they set up a hospital in Grosseto, Italy where they treated wounded of the Fifth Army until September 15, 1944.
Rudolph Matas Library's General Hospital Unit 24 Collection includes artifacts, flags, photographs, and signs from the "Tulane Unit" during its service in WWII. The 24th General Hospital in World War II digital collection is also available via the Tulane Digital Library.