ID/Splash Card Building Access Downtown

Tuesday, June 4, 2019 - 10:00

Beginning July 1, 2019, all Tulane-owned buildings on the downtown campus that currently have open access will become swipe access only. A valid Splash Card must be swiped in order for the door to open. This change will provide greater safety for the downtown community.  While this will not prevent all unwelcome access to the building, it will help reduce the opportunity.
Per university policy, all employees of the downtown campus are required to wear their Splash Card. As of July 1, this policy will be enforced. If you have your Splash Card, you do not need to get a new one. If you have lost your Splash Card and need a new one, Campus Services will offer replacement IDs for a reduced cost for a limited time.
From Wednesday June 5 - Friday, June 27, Campus Services will provide reduced cost Splash Card replacement to those who have lost their IDs.  During this time, employees and trainees (enrolled students and residents) may replace their lost Splash Card at the reduced rate of $10.00. Cash, check, or credit cards are accepted.
You have two options to receive your replacement card:
1. Visit the Campus Services Office in Tidewater, Suite 803 to take your ID photo and receive your new card.
2. Upload your photo online and then pick up your card in Tidewater, Suite 803. To learn more about our new online photo portal, please visit

Beginning Monday, June 30, replacement Splash Cards will cost $30.
Beginning July 1, if you need to enter a university-owned building and do not have your Splash Card, you must sign in with the AUS (Allied Universal Services) officer at the security desk. Guests or vendors who require access must be met by a staff member of the department in the building lobby and be escorted through the building. If you are in the building and do not display your Splash Card, a TUPD or AUS officer may ask you for your ID. Security officers reserve the right to ask anyone for a Splash Card, regardless of whether they are wearing a Tulane uniform, scrubs, or lab coats.
Employees and enrolled trainees from all downtown university schools and programs will have Splash Card access to the Hutchinson building to access the Matas Library.
Tulane Hospital employees wishing to access the cafeteria in the Hutchinson building will have to enter on the 2nd floor crosswalk entrance, where there is a hospital swipe card controller.  Hospital IDs will only permit access to Hutchinson at that door and no others, as hospital IDs are not on the university system.
Additional enhancements to the security infrastructure will be implemented in the coming months. Security is a community effort.  Through your efforts, you will help us create a safer environment.