NEW! Check out DynaMed Plus!

Thursday, March 29, 2018 - 11:45
Rudolph Matas Library of the Health Sciences is happy to announce that we have upgraded from DynaMed to DynaMed Plus!
DynaMed Plus® is the clinical reference tool that clinicians go to for answers. Content is written by a world-class team of physicians who synthesize the evidence and provide objective analysis. DynaMed Plus topics include concise summaries and detailed recommendations based on the most current evidence.
DynaMed Plus contains more than 4,700 medical graphics and images to help clinicians answer clinical questions. More than 700 come from ACP. Images are searchable as well as embedded in relevant topics. DynaMed Plus graphics and images include:
  • Tables
  • Clinical photos
  • Radiological imaging
  • Algorithms
  • Illustrations
  • Microscopic images
Find out more about DynaMed Plus here:
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