Things you can do with BrowZine to save time

Wednesday, March 28, 2018 - 13:15




Spend less time on journal research

Click the down arrow in an article record in BrowZine. This will expand to reveal 4 additional tools you can use to make your e-journal research life easier.

  • Read full text
  • Save to my articles
  • Export citation (to Zotero, Mendeley, BibTeX, RefWorks., Endnote RIS, or Universal RIS)
  • Share (to social media or by email)

"Read full text" takes you directly to the article, or to an alternative means of getting it if your library doesn't have it.

"Save to my articles" lets you save articles for reading later when it's convenient. This is an integral part of staying up to date and is used heavily by the most organized researchers.

"Export citation" sends the citation directly to your preferred citation tool. Never again lose an article you need, and get instant organization.

"Share" the article link directly to Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Or email it to a colleague.

By adding one or more of these tools to your process you will spend less time and be more effective in staying up to date in your academic field.

We've never talked to a BrowZine user who didn't think staying up to date was vitally important to their teaching or to their career goals, and these tools are specifically designed to make being up to date easier. Give one of them a shot today.


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