VisualDx: New feature categorizes differential results for a faster diagnosis

Wednesday, November 8, 2017 - 09:15

New Feature Categorizes Differential Results for a Faster Diagnosis
COMING NOVEMBER 1: VisualDx desktop users will see a new "tab" view of differential diagnosis results. 

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The six tabs at the top of the differential will categorize results for quick diagnosis: Consider 1st, Consider 2nd, Emergencies, Infectious, Drug Induced, and View All.

A color bar at the top of each diagnosis indicates the number of matching findings. For instance, in the photo below, the first two diagnosis match 6/6 findings while the highlighted diagnosis, Herpex simplex virus, matches 5/6. Hovering over a diagnosis will reveal which findings do not match.

The new display aims to help clinicians quickly identify possibilities for the most accurate diagnosis at the point of care.

This change was made thanks to our user feedback and testing. 

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