Liaison Program

The purpose of the Matas Library liaison program is to position Rudolph Matas Library of the Health Sciences as the premier information and knowledge management resource for faculty, researchers, staff and students of the Schools of Medicine, Public Health and Tropical Medicine, and the Tulane National Primate Center. Through departmental faculty liaisons and library liaisons, a clear channel of communication between the academic and research components of the Health Sciences Campus and the librarians who provide information and technology resources can be established.

This 2-way communication serves to:

• Determine the specific needs/wants of the departments through collaborative planning ensure that those needs are met and services customized.
• Promote library resources and services to educate users about our information access tools
• Raise awareness of our computing and educational technology applications, and services
• Help library users identify and access library and technology resources
• Provide workshops on research tools or on topics of special interest specifically geared to the departmental faculty and research staff
• Answer questions, resolve problems, and interpret library policy
• Highlight the library as the "knowledge management center" for sustaining healthcare education, research and information delivery
• Make information literacy and essential component of student learning and faculty development
• Provide librarians as information consultants for departments

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