Study Areas

  • 24/7 Access

    After the Matas Library’s Information Services Desk and stacks areas are closed, study space, computers, and printing continue to be available to Tulane users on the 24/7 (after hours) side of the library. The 24/7 Area is for quiet study only.

    The 24/7 Quiet Area may be entered only when the Information Services Desk is closed, by swiping your Tulane University ID card (Splash card) at the controlled access door in the 2nd floor hallway on the LaSalle Street side of the building. If your Tulane ID card does not provide access you may request assistance at the security checkpoint on the 1st floor of 1430 Tulane Avenue in the lobby or contact Splash Card Services (504-865-5629).

  • Group Study

    There are five group study rooms and one computer lab/classroom that are available for group or class use in Rudolph Matas Library. These rooms are available on a first-come first-served basis for groups of 3 or more. Smaller numbers of users may be asked to move to a different area. Two of the group study rooms are in the 24/7 side and available weekends and late evenings.

    We allow groups of 3 or more to reserve a group study area during Monday-Friday when notified 24 hours in advance. Please reserve during Monday-Friday, 8:00am-5:00pm. Sorry, reservations are not scheduled for weekends and when the library desk is closed. Library seminars or curriculum-related events receive scheduling priority. Each group study room is equipped with a whiteboard, network connections, table and chairs. Two of the group study rooms are located on the 2nd floor of the Library in the 24/7 area, Rm 2228 (6-8 people) or Rm.2230 (10-12 people). Three additional group study rooms are located on the Mezzanine: M201 (4-6 people) and M203 (4-6 people) and M205 (4-6 people).

    To reserve a room 24 hours in advance, use the online form or call the Matas Information Services Desk Monday-Friday from 8 am - 5 pm at (504) 988-2403.

    The Mezzanine Computer Lab/Classroom (M207) is for hands-on computer usage and accommodates up to 17 people with individual computer access. Library Classes and Seminars take precedence over other classroom use.

    Please abide by the room use and reservation policies:

    • Rooms may be scheduled for up to three hours for groups at the Information Services Desk at least a 24 hours prior to the requested time. Monday reservations must be made on Friday
    • Curriculum-related events take precedence over individual use of the conference rooms
    • Groups always take precedence over individual use of the conference rooms
    • Groups with reservations take precedence over groups without
    • Unreserved conference rooms are available on a first-come first-serve basis
    • If a group fails to show up within fifteen minutes of its reservation or leaves the room unattended for more than fifteen minutes, use of the room is forfeited

  • Designated Quiet Areas

    24/7 Quiet Area (2nd Floor)

    This area is open at all times; however, entrance via the glass doors directly into this area is for use only after the Information Desk is closed. An alarm will sound if the glass door is opened while the Information Desk is open. Please be considerate and do not open this door except after the Information Desk is closed. Computers, printers and scanners are available in this area. A "black box" is also available in this area to add money to your Tulane ID with cash.

    Stacks Study Area (Mezzanine Level)

    The stacks study area is located on the lower (Mezzanine Level) level of the library. The stairs are located to the left of the Circulation Desk. The mezzanine level is also equipped additional study carrels, with appropriate lighting for study. The stacks area are a designated quiet study area. When searching for print books and journals, please be considerate of other student studying.

    Matas Library Computer Lab (Mezzanine Level)

    The Library Computer Lab serves as both a classroom (18 computers), and when classes are not scheduled or "in session" it serves as a study area. This computer classroom may be reserved for testing, training sessions, presentations, etc.

    Group Study Areas

    Group Study Rooms are available and may be reserved for groups of three or more 24 hours in advance. Individuals using group study areas may be asked to move if groups need to have a place to work together. All group study areas include white boards. Dry erase markers and dry erasers are available for check-out at the Information Services Desk. There are two large Group Study Areas in the 24/7 Area of the Library. Group Study and low volume level discussion are permissible. Please be considerate to users in the adjacent quiet study areas, as voices do carry from the group study rooms. Three additional smaller group study rooms are available on the Mezzanine Level.

  • Commons

    The Commons Area near the entrance of Rudolph Matas Library is available for socialization and study during normal business hours. Talking is acceptable near the Library Services Desk and the Commons Area. Please be considerate with phone calls and conversations. Remember to consider the privacy of patients and their families in your discussions.

    Group and relaxed study is encouraged in this area. Study guides (short term check out - 2 days), Ready Reference materials, and a leisure collection of current magazines and newspapers is kept in this area. A phone and coffee area is also available in the Matas Commons. Users seeking a quiet area might wish to consider the 24/7 Quiet Area or study areas on the Mezzanine.

    Exhibit cases with items and topical displays of interest from the Matas Special Collections are in the Matas Commons Area. Social events may be scheduled for Homecoming, class reunions, and other Tulane events in this area.

  • Mezzanine Lab

    The Matas Library Mezzanine Computer Lab serves as both a classroom and as a study area when classes are not "in session". This area is only available during normal business hours when the Matas Library Information Services Desk is open. Reserving the computer classroom requires a minimum of 24 hours notice.

    17 desktop computers are available for use. There are power, network, and projector connections available near the podium in front of the lab.

    Please contact Keith Pickett to reserve the Mezzanine Lab for departmental testing, training sessions, presentations, etc.