Tulane & Charity Hospital

"The history of Tulane University School of Medicine’s involvement with Charity Hospital is long and storied. Tulane, originally founded as the Medical College of Louisiana in 1834, has long played a role in both caring for the poor and shaping the future of the hospital."  - Douglas Lincoln

 Douglas R. Lincoln created a website when he was a 4th year Medical Student at Tulane University School of Medicine in April April 2007 as a project for a History of Medicine Elective.  This website was a service project for the Rudolph Matas Library, Tulane University Health Sciences Center. Dr. Elma Ledoux was the Faculty Advisor.

 The History of Tulane University School of Medicine's Involvement with Charity Hospital - By Douglas R. Lincoln (Class of 2007)

The Charity Hospital Reports (1842-1966) were digitized via a National Library of Medicine award and are now available via Tulane University Digital Library.  The proposal, entitled "Early Medical Journalism of Louisiana, A pilot project for the preservation and sharing of Nineteenth Century Medical Publications of Louisiana," ran from August 2010 to June 2011 under National Library of Medicine (NLM) Prime Contract No. N01-LM-6-3505; HHSN276200663505C. 114 hospital reports are now online, open to the public and full text searchable.  

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